Services & Costs

  • Maintenance Software & Hardware Support contracts for 6-12months for Small Businesses for up to 50 PCs. 
  • Cabling, CAT5 type for networking and installing routers, modems, firewalls and setting up CCTV over the internet
  • Installing desktops and laptops and joining domains.
  • Creating user accounts, permissions to shared network drives.
  • Data backup and restore

Any work required doing will be carried out as projects rather than single jobs to ensure we have covered all the risks and should be carried out during Out of Hours and not during business use to cause less disruption.

  • Desktop and Laptop repairs whether software or hardware, including reinstalling Windows, installing Anti-Virus, Ms Office 2013, and any other software required.
  • Data Restore and data backup, also choice of cloud backup
  • Home networking, ranging from desktops, laptops, smart phones to smart televisions and maintaining
  • CCTV install including setting internet connection to via over WWW plus maintaining
  • Iphone Screen repairs including other hardware repairs too.

COST for Home Users and General Public

  • Desktop and Laptop reinstall of Windows plus anti-virus £40
  • Data Restore depending on how much data ranges from £20 (<=50GB), £40 (<=100GB)
  • Home Networking (depending on how many devices and how setup) prices can vary so please ask for quote beforehand
  • CCTV installs - PLEASE SEE THE CCTV - Installs PAGE on my site
  • Laptop Screen repair/replace £20 for Fit plus cost of part/screen
  • Laptop Keys or keyboard replace £10 for fit plus cost of parts ( if only one or two keys cost will be cheaper )
  • Laptop or Desktop Maintenance / Cleanup £25
  • iPhone 4,4s,5,5s Screen repairs £20 to replace plus cost of part
  • iPhone 4,4s,5,5s home button or power button or speaker/s replace £10 for each item plus cost of part.
  • Call Out charge £30 for first hour and then £20 for each hour after the first. (this applies local call outs in Birmingham area, outside Birmingham there will be travel cost involved too)

For more infomation and prices / quotes, please contact me.